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                                                                                                                          Its nice to be adored

I have always loved animals. Up until recently, I raised LaPerm, Munchkin, Napoleon, and Skookum cats. Due to allergies, I have recently made some changes and now raise Bambinos cats & Chihuahua and Designer puppies. While I originally chose the Bambinos because of allergies, I find that I absolutely adore my hairless kitties! They are extremely affectionate and with their warm bodies, it is like having your own hot water bottle around all the time. They are always curled up under the covers next to my feet and legs. Once you have one, you will never be without one.


I chose Chihuahuas because I just love lap dogs. My Chihuahuas are also happiest when they are cuddled up with me and the cats. It is not unusual for me to have all four of my cats as well as two or three dogs asleep next to me as I work or sleep. My breeding goal is to work towards the breed standard while at the same time raising cuddly, affectionate, housetrained kitties and puppies that will make great pets.


I live out in the country and next to a wonderful family with five kids who help me care for and socialize my puppies and kitties. The oldest girl has a dog in 4-H and practices the dog training skills she is learning with our dogs and puppies. As you can see from the pictures, dogs and cats and even the birds all get along together. Puppies and kitties get a lot of handling and love lap time.








Shipping in the U.S. generally runs around $250. Costs include a health certificate, rabies vaccination, carrier, and airfare. Airfare varies somewhat depending on the airline chosen and and the shipping location. All kittens are current on vaccinations. The health certificate is $55, the rabies shot is $20, the carrier is $25, and shipping costs run around $110-$175. If you want to check on airline costs, call Continental 800-575-3335 or Delta 888-736-3738 and ask how much to ship a cat in the smallest size carrier (100 series) from PDX (Portland) to your destination. The cat and carrier will be under 10 lbs.


Delta and Continental have pet-safe shipping. Pets are kept in air-conditioned or heated facilities as soon as the flight ends so you don't have to worry so much about the weather. If the weather is too severe, they won't ship pets on that day. I socialize the kittens so that they are used to pet carriers and traveling and so that shipping is not overly stressful. Kittens can generally go home between 12 & 18 weeks. Kittens are like kids, each kitten develops at it's own rate. I make decisions on when kittens can go to their new homes individually. They need to have a large enough body size to withstand weather changes, and be independent, confident, well-socialized kittens so they can adapt comfortably to their new homes.

It is expected that kittens sold as pets will be neutered or spayed by six months of age. Papers will not be released until verification of spay/neuter is provided by your vet.




Please enjoy some fun pictures




Here is Belefonte demonstrating the proper way to relax



Dolly has taken over the tradition and

will now demonstrate the correct way to relax:



Belefonte is a neutered male Munchkin from my previous breeding program. He now happily resides at a grooming salon and welcomes all the customers. Isn't he a pretty boy?




Meet Buddy

He is a scarlet Macaw, about 20 years old



and a little bit of a show-off, as you can tell...



He loves to come out and be part of the crowd



In general, he expects the puppies to treat him with respect and will chase off anyone who doesn't respect his personal space bubble. However, the puppies think his tail is a dog toy and love to try and catch his tail. He turns and yells at them but he is not quite fast enough. It is quite a hilarious game to watch.




Well, that was fun. How about a little rest, now.


The rule around here is "share"



The neighbors are welcome, too. This is a nonstandard male munchkin that was raised here

and is now the neighbor's cat. As you can tell, he still thinks of this as home.







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