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Snickers is a Mink Calico. You can see from the following pictures that she has a wonderful talent - she really understands how to relax.


As you can see, she has passed on this great talent to her friend, Brindi



Snickers has a daughter named Dolly. Dolly is also a Mink Calico and she is carrying on the traditions passed on by her mom.

Like her mother, she is capable of great relaxation and can model just how to do it.




She has also taken on the role of best friend to puppies. Her mother taught her and she is doing just great with her role.

Here Brownie Bits is giving her some kisses, and Loco is hoping Dolly is up for some friendly cuddling.


Snickers is happy to share her mommy duties with willing doggy moms. Lollypop (below) has a puppy of her own (to her right) but is

happy to have company over for visits. The visitors are Snickers newest arrivals and younger sisters to Dolly.


Peaches is a kitten from Snickers. As you can see, Peaches is taking her ambassador job seriously and is making sure that these new Havanese puppies are welcomed properly.






Dollfaced Bluepoint Boy



Dollfaced Redpoint Boy




Cudlkty's Past Breeders




Pearl is a nonstandard Minskin. She also takes her role as puppy trainer seriously. She insures that no puppy leaves here without

knowing how affectionate cats can be and what good playmates they can be. If she is in the mood, she is a

great partner in the games of "chase" and "wrestling". She does play nicely, realizing that they are just puppies. She gives them

a run for their money, but adjusts her wrestling approach to the size of the puppy.







Creator's Brownie Points

Standard Chocolate Classic Tabby & White LH Munchkin (B3P)

Carries dilute and colorpoint



Some of Brownie's kittens:



Camelot (AKA Cammy)


Cammy is a real lovable guy, gentle with the girls and a very patient lover. He loves to be brushed and petted.

His kittens are easygoing and friendly and have darling faces.



Cream and white Persian, carries choc and colorpoint (SBV)



Some of Cammy's kittens:




Cudlkty's Sugarbaby


She carries chocolate and mink

She is VERY outgoing and has a charming personality.



Standard White Munchkin (COP)

Sugar x Munchkinlane's Martin  Born 3/13/06


Her babies:




Cudlkty's Smidge



Standard Napoleon - Mink calico

Cammy x Smack








Cudlkty's Snickers


Standard Napoleon, I think she is a mink calico.

Sugarbaby x Cammy   5/13/07




Cudlkty's Tonkatoy


Tonka has everything...she carries chocolate, dilute, and is mink plus she is a COP.

She has turned into a real lover and loves to be petted.


Standard Mink Munchkin, carries dilute and chocolate (COP)

  This little cutie is by Tille (Bluept & white - BOP) and Munchkinlane's Martin (Choc Mink - SBT) 





Cudlkty's Priscilla


She carries chocolate, dilute, and colorpoint.

Penelope x Max      3/1/07

Silver and White Standard Girl

Carries dilute, chocolate, colorpoint




LoProfile's Smack



Black Smoke and White Munchkin (COP)

Carries LH mink, possibly chocolate or cinnamon


Here are some of Smack's sweeties born here:





Cudlkty's Oreo



Smack (COP) x Max (COV)

Standard Black & White Girl Munchkin



Cudlkty's Lilly


Nonstandard Bluepoint and White, Beeches x Max

This little beauty was actually owned by Kindy (below). Kindy helps me with my cats and is a Godsend.





Cudlkty's Angel

Very sweet, lovable girl

Silver Lynxpoint and White,   Priscilla x




Cudlkty's Sarah




  Sadie x Max  6/21/06

Standard Silver Calico Munchkin (A2N)

I love vans and she is just beautiful. She has very pretty litters with

lots of white. She is soooo friendly and loving and I just lover her face. She looks so much like Max and she has the beautiful silver.




BlueBonnet's Sugar Cube



Blue-Eyed White Longhair Female Munchkin (B3P)

Carries cinnamon and bicolor


Sugar is a real lover and her kittens are just as nice. They are also

full of personality. Again, thanks to Dana for this lovely girl.


Some of Sugar's kittens:




Two Lilac/Cream Calico Napoleons

Smack x Cammy

Smudge is a nonstandard, Smidge is a standard

Born 3/10/07

Cudlkty's Smudge

Smudge is a nonstandard lilac calico Napoleon and she carries longhair. She is a very friendly girl, great





Cudlkty's Rainbows End



Lowla x Cammy

Dilute Calico LH Nonstandard Napoleon Girl

This girl has a lovely coat and she is extremely affectionate. She is just now getting old

enough to breed. She carries chocolate and colorpoint.




Cudlkty's Beaches



Nonstandard Blue and White Munchkin

  This little cutie is by Legs (COP) and Brownie (B3P)

She carries colorpoint/mink, dilute, and chocolate






Chocolate Torbiepoint, carries dilute


Here are some of Penelope's sweeties born here:

Penelope is such a sweetheart - I love her color and personality - thanks again to Margie.

Her kittens are just delightfully sweet.




Creator's Maxamillion


LH Silver MacTabby and White Munchkin (COV)

Carries dilute, chocolate, and colorpoint


Passed over the Rainbow Bridge


Max is the father of several of my girls. He is now happily residing with Alice

Here are some of his babies born here at Cudlkty:




Creator's Lavender Lowla


Standard Lilac & White Shorthair Munchkin (BOP)

Carries longhair and colorpoint


Some of Lowla's kittens born here at Cudlkty:






Tabby Skookum





Munchkinlane's Milk Dud



Standard Tuxedo Munchkin (AON)

Carries LH, colorpoint, dilute, and chocolate


Thanks to David for this very photogenic and lovable cat.