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Kittens listed here are Nonstandard Munchkins or Napoleons.

You can read about the breed at


Kittens are litterbox trained, wormed, have vaccinations, and are well-socialized

with kids, dogs, and other cats. They have the same friendly, calm temperaments as their

short-legged brothers and sisters and they come in some very pretty colors.


Pick up in North Plain/Cornelius.






Sierra is a beautiful cattle dog mix




I would like to rehome Sierra. She is about 6 years old, spayed, in good health, and is a terrific dog. I've had her for about a year. I am considering rehoming her because I am just not as active as she is and I think she would be happier in a home that is "on the go" all the time. She just loves it when we go places, like the park or 4-H classes.

The neighbor girl worked with her and she is great at obedience and would be super at agility. She was taken to 4-H and did really well at long sit and long stay as well as at healing and sitting. She wants to please and learns extremely fast.

I would love for her to have a home where she is used for 4-H or in agility courses or possibly with an active family that wants a companion while running. She loves to go places and ride in the car and she behaves very well. We take her to the park and she loves to go out for walks. She also LOVES to chase the laser beam and fetch. She would also probably be good at working animals because she definitely has the healing instinct.

Her only challenge is other dogs. She wasn't very good at socializing with other dogs when I got her and she tends to be protective. We have been working with her on that and have taken her to a dog park where she did well. She is extremely well-behaved on-leash and is getting better and better off-leash.

Rehoming fee: $50






Nonstandard Napoleon Girl

$65 rehoming fee



Mystery is a blue tortie. She should have pretty full coat since her father is a Persian. She is very sweet, playful, and mild-mannered and would be great with children. She purrs when you pet her.